Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mighty Muggs Star Wars Darth Vader

Mighty Muggs was Hasbro’s vinyl toy response to the whole vinyl toy craze from a few years ago.  It was a time when indie toy manufacturers got together with artists to produce high end designer toys. These toys were released in limited runs, which contributed to high mark ups in resell values.  I personally I never understood this fad because everything was over-priced beyond what you were actually getting.  What you got was a piece of vinyl or plastic that seemed pretty warped and simple.  The worst part was when some toys came blind box, so you didn’t even know what you were getting.
I did buy a few vinyl toys during those years, but I generally stayed away because of how over priced they were.  Seeing the dollar bills in this culture, the big toy manufactures decided to take a piece of the pie.  The advantage they had was the money to buy the major licences.  I know most people that collect vinyl toys didn’t like it when Hasbro started to release vinyl toys but I did.  Although it did saturate the market, it also made toys easy to get and affordable.
My first vinyl toy from Hasbro was this Star Wars Mighty Muggs of Darth Vader.  I bought him when the toy first released in 2007 and paid retail for him.  The toy is very simple in design, and also very cute to look at with his fat stubby shape.  The only accessory he comes with is a red lightsaber.  The box it comes in is nicely designed with a Star Wars theme and perfect for mint in box collects because the plastic window shows off the toy.
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