Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Playstation 4

So with Sony holding a major press conference on Wednesday, which everyone assumes will be the unveiling of Playstation 4; I decided to make a list of the things I would like Sony to include in this conference.  First off, I want them to focus on games and nothing else.  Going after the people that like social media, downloadable content, and Playstation Move is useless because only the hard-core gamers will be the ones watching this conference.  People that actually like those other features will probably wait until the console is well established before buying a PS4.  For now it’s all about the hard-core gamers that only care about playing good games.

With respect towards the games, I want them to launch PS4 no later than November because they can take advantage of the major title games that should release around that time; GTA5, The Last of Us, and Tomb Raider.  If there’s one thing I hate about a new console launch is when the developers promise good games to come, but you have to wait a year for them to release.  By launching around the Fall, they will have quality games to begin with and will give people a reason to buy the system.  This also gives time for games that aren’t quite finished, the time to properly complete such as; Star Wars 1313, Phantom Pain, and The Last Guardian.

While everyone expects Sony to also show next gen graphic games, I would prefer they just stick to the games that have already been mentioned.  Their selling point should be what will release and not what might release one day.  By focusing on the games that have been mentioned, Sony will then be able to just advertise products that people can actually buy.  What Sony needs right now is people buying their products, and not waiting until a certain game releases a year or two from now.  Obliviously they should show something next gen, but it shouldn’t take away from their launch titles.

Other things I would like them to mention in the conference is the price, around $300 to $500 would be ideal.  To have backwards compatibility for at least PS3 games.  While this feature might ruin sales for PS3 consoles, Sony is better off letting that horse die than to keep wasting money on it.  If they do mention downloadable content, it should be for PS1 and PS2 games that cost under $5 to $10.  I think they’re better off selling those games for cheap, than to not sell them at all.  Memory for the new console should be easy to upgrade and if it requires a Sony brand hard drive, it should be affordable to upgrade, so people can get use to downloading content without fear of taking out a bank loan to pay for an upgrade.  These are just some of the expectations I have for Wednesday, and if Sony does deliver most of what I have mentioned, I will be there on release day to buy a new PS4.

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