Saturday, March 9, 2013

Homer Simpson Papercraft

This Homer Simpson papercraft was created by Ninjatoes.  It comes with the papercraft sheet and instruction sheet.  There’s a lot of stuff to printout, so I suggest you print the instructions in black and white ink.  I would also recommend you make two copies of the papercraft sheet because one copy will be the one you cut and build, and the other can be used as a guide sheet.  This papercraft seems easy, but after all the cutting and gluing you will realize that it’s actually challenging.
The difficult parts were the small parts such as the arms, fingers, ears and nose.  Since there were a lot of parts to glue, it also took longer to build because of how much time I had to wait for pieces to dry before connecting them together.  Needless to say, patience and tweezers were both needed in this build.  While the instructions are color photos, I was still lost on certain sections of the build and had to improvise.  The easiest parts to build were the pants, shirt, and shoes.
Once completed Homer looks pretty cute, and accurate to the cartoon.  The arms of my papercraft are a little warped, but I’m okay with that because it’s barely noticeable.  My favorite part of this papercraft is the head because of how much detail went into building it (the printout even includes Homer’s comb over hair).  In fact just building the head alone would be sufficient to have as a nice display piece.  I had a great time building Homer Simpson, and hope to do another Ninjatoes papercraft in the future.
Homer Simpson Papercraft:

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