Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chicago Bears NFL Jersey

I’m very excited to finally own this jersey because it’s my first football jersey.  Although I have had the chance to buy a few in the past, I always passed on them because I didn’t like the quality of the jersey, the price, or the team.  Quality was a major factor because up until a few years ago, football jerseys were made pretty flimsy.  The numbers and names were screen printed and would rub off easily, the polyester material would rip easily, and the way they were tailored seemed awkward to me.  But then around the late 90’s the quality improved and that got me really interested.  Suddenly jerseys would use better materials, screen print was replaced by stitching, and the new tailoring made them much more comfortable to wear.
Unfortunately the price was still high, so I refused to buy one until I saw them on sale.  Well, my patience paid off because I was not only able to attain a football jersey on clearance, but also a jersey from a team I like.  Now just to give you a little background on why it was on clearance, was because it was Reebok brand.  A few years ago, Nike took over the NFL licence which led to stores putting all the Reebok brand appeal on sale and clearance.  I don’t mind buying jerseys like this because you’re getting good quality for an even better price.  Though I must confess, these new Nike football jerseys have phenomenal quality.
My jersey is of the Chicago Bears, and for some reason I have always loved the sports teams from Chicago, minus their baseball teams.  The jersey is from Reebok’s Premier line, which makes it a medium quality jersey, where you get some patches stitched on.  I actually prefer this quality because it’s quality that can handle everyday use.  The colorway is clean and simple, a solid navy blue, with orange and white highlights.  My only complaint about it would be that it uses the silky type of polyester that can scratch easy, but what can you do since football jerseys don’t use the same polyester that baseball jerseys use.  Other than that, this is a wonderful jersey that I can’t wait to wear in the summer.
Chicago Bears:

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