Friday, April 5, 2013

G.I. Joe Hazard-Viper

G.I. Joe is one of those shows that I have problems with remembering.  It started airing in the mid 80’s, yet as a kid I felt it was too confusing for me, so I never watched it.  I did own the toys though.  Those early 3 3⁄4 Joe figures were pretty fun to play with, but mine always broke in half; thanks to the rubber band drying and cracking.  Later on I believe they were made without the rubber band, and the figures became more colorful.
Now that I’m older and I like to collect 80’s toys, I knew G.I. Joe had a place in my collection (even though I don’t remember the TV show).  The first Joe figure I bought was one of Duke, which came in a vintage style.  Of course, I’m a mint on card collector, so I never opened him.  However, while in a department store one day, I noticed they had some modern Joe figures on sale, so I decided to buy one.
I bought a figure called Hazard-Viper, who is a Cobra villain and a toxin specialist.  What was most appealing about this toy was all the accessories the figure came with.  Gas canisters, guns, flame thrower, gas tubes, vest, gas mask, brief case, and even a figure stand.  I’m a sucker for toy accessories, so I was very pleased with this purchase.   Thanks to this figure I am now a renewed Joe fan, and now plan on collecting more of this toy line.

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