Monday, April 29, 2013

Nike Kobe VII

I’m not familiar with the Kobe shoe line, but on a recent trip to a Nike outlet I had a chance to buy a pair on sale.  Besides knowing they were low-cut basketball shoes similar to soccer cleats, I had no other knowledge about the sneakers.  I still bought them because I like collecting a variety of sneaker styles, and because I’m still a Kobe fan.
The first thing I noticed about these shoes was the sizing.  I have wide feet, so I usually have to go up a size to be comfortable.  I’m used to dealing with this issue, however this time it was exaggerated.  I’m usually a size 10.5, but for some odd reason size 12.5 fit me.  I would have preferred size 11.5 or 12, but those sizes were sold out.  Anyway, I still bought the shoes even though they had some room to spare.
Once I got home, I was able to look at the shoe up close.  I then took out the insole and that’s when I noticed the sole was attached to the tongue with a strap.  For me, this all combines into extra clutter that takes up space.  I would have liked this sneaker more if the strap was removed, the sole came with interchangeable pods, and if more space were allocated on the forefoot.  Other than the price I bought them for, there’s not much I like about this sneaker, for now it seems this will be my last pair of Kobe’s until the design is fixed into something appealing and comfortable.
Brand: Nike
Name: Nike Zoom Kobe VII System
Year: 2012
Product Code: 488371 402
Additional: Also known as Kobe VII “Concord Cool Greys”

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