Friday, May 17, 2013

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Toy

The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller is one of my favorite comic book series.  Before I read it I actually assumed comic books were boring and slow paced.  Although to be honest, I never read the series in comic book form, but rather as a graphic novel.  The graphic novel allowed me to read the whole story in its entirety without interruptions.  Trust me this is a story you will want to pay attention to and follow completely.  The story is entertaining, mature, violent, and very intelligent.
As with most popular comics, DC comics had released a toy line of the Dark Knights Returns.  The collector set included Batman and the Joker.  However I never knew it came out until much later, so I never had a chance to buy it.  By the time I knew about it, it was sold out and resellers where selling it for much more.  Thankfully this year Mattel decided to release a new version of Batman from the Dark Knight Returns that would be sold in regular toy and comic stores.
This version of Batman uses the same mold as other Matty Collector figures from the Masters of the Universe line.  This actually works out great because the mold is faithful to what the comic book drawings looked like.  The paint is neat and clean, though the figure does lack intricate details.  The cape is made out of plastic, which I prefer over a fabric.  This feature does limit articulation, however this isn’t a problem for me because I plan on displaying him as a shelf figure.  My only complaint about this toy is the lack of accessories (just one batarang is included), but other than that this is a Batman figure that I’m proud to own.
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