Friday, January 31, 2014

G-Shock G-6900KG-3CR Solar Military

I’ve been collecting G-Shocks for a while now, but this is my first time featuring them on my blog.  I never mentioned them before because I never assumed that people collected them.  That was until one day when I wanted to buy a watch and went online to look for information about it.  It was then that I realized that there was a whole community dedicated to not only G-Shocks, but all kinds of watches.  This made me happy because it made me feel like I wasn’t the only one who loved watches.
The watch I am featuring for this post is a G-6900KG-3CR.  It comes in a military green or olive colorway, with orange and black highlights.  The watch is also a tough solar, meaning that it comes with a solar panel that can be charged by the sun.  This is wonderful because you won’t have to change the battery as often compared to a regular 6900 watch.  The inclusion of tough solar is one of the reasons I bought this watch.
Another feature of this watch is that it comes with a negative display.  Although I had read reviews that negative displays were hard to read, I still bought this watch thinking that it probably wouldn’t be a huge issue.  However, I was wrong because the face is difficult to read from different angles.  The addition of the mirrored face (from the solar panel) also adds to this headache.  Despite this watch coming in a wonderful color, and featuring tough solar, this is one watch I would tell people to view in person before they purchase.
Brand: Casio G-Shock
Model: G-6900KG-3CR
Additional: Military Green/Olive color, Tough Solar

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