Friday, January 24, 2014

Jordan Chicago Bulls and North Carolina Jerseys

Here are two great examples of high quality jerseys with affordable prices (at least when they originally released).  I say this because jerseys today are overpriced and the quality isn’t as good as it used to be.  It also makes me long for the days when Nike still had the NBA license and could produce these amazing basketball jerseys.
The first jersey is a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey made by Nike.  It is a retro jersey from Jordan’s 1984 rookie year with the Bulls.  This jersey was actually the second retro rookie jersey Nike had made of Jordan.  The first one was true to the original because it had heat pressed printed numbers and names, while my jersey has the numbers and names stitched on.  I actually prefer my jersey because I love the high grade quality of double stitching.  Other great features about this jersey is the bright red mesh that is strong and durable.  My only complaint about this jersey is how long it is, with an extra inch added to the back.
The second jersey is a Michael Jordan North Carolina jersey made by Jordan brand.  What makes this jersey interesting is that it was made by Jordan brand.  I didn’t even know they made jersey’s like this until I saw this one in a store.  Of course I bought it because the quality was top notch with its heavy polyester material and intricate stitching.  So far this has been my go to jersey when I’m doing heavy labour (yard work), and yet it still looks fairy clean.  This is one jersey I hope Jordan Brand will not only reproduce but will be inspired to continue to make other jerseys Jordan played in.
Jordan Brand:

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