Wednesday, July 2, 2014

FIFA International Soccer, FIFA ‘94

With the current Brazil World Cup happening right now, I wanted to reflect on a soccer game I used to love as a kid; FIFA International Soccer.  The game was published by Electronic Arts in 1993, and I played it on my Sega Genesis.  The game had an isometric view (I had to look that up), that gave gamers a new angle to view a soccer game.  This allowed for an almost 3D like effect that opened up a perspective to distinctly see what your players were doing.  As crisp as the graphics were, so were the controls because they were simple to learn and allowed you to do what you wanted to do.  It didn’t take much time to master the game, but once you did it created an intense environment to play against your friends (up to 4 people at a time).
Other great features about this game were the sound of the crowd cheering, a coin toss before a game, the ability to choose a field type, the picture-in-picture screen that allowed you to view where you wanted a long kick or throw to go, instant replay (allowing you to gloat and mock your opponent), and the ability to shove and slide tackle a player.  I would like to emphasize this last ability because it was similar to the same fighting option found in EA’s NHLPA Hockey '93.  It was EA’s inclusion of details like this that made their sports games so revolutionary and enjoyable.
This game was also significant for me because I got it around the same time the USA World Cup was happening, so I was able to actually see my favorite teams play such as Brazil and Argentina. Though admittedly when I did master the game and had won the World Cup several times using Brazil/Argentina, my next challenge was to try to win it using the worst team; Qatar.  By doing that I was able to get so many replays out of that game by adding a new challenge.  And this is what makes FIFA International Soccer so memorable for me and why I will always regard it as the best soccer video game ever made.

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