Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mario Wii Remote Plus

A while ago I was cleaning up and organizing a desk of mine when I came upon a pile of gift cards.  I was excited because it was like finding cash on the street because gift card balances don’t expire anymore.  Unfortunately there was one black sheep in the group which was an EB Games gift cards.  In case you don’t know, EB Games is a store that sales video game consoles, games and accessories.  Regrettably it’s a store that a lot of gamers hate because the staff can be rude, their prices can be overpriced, and their trade-in value can be a rip-off.
Ignoring all of that I figured I might as well use the gift card, so I decided to get a Wii Remote Plus.  Not to digress too much but when I went into EB Games, I noticed that the Mario version of the Wii Remote was near the ceiling so I had to ask an employee to get it for me.  The funny part was when he asked me which one I wanted I told him I wanted the Mario version Wii Remote and he said, which one was that.  I said it was the red box, lol.  Seriously, how can someone work in a video game store and not know who Super Mario is?  Anyway…
The thing I like about Nintendo is when they release a special edition console, or accessory they go all out.  Starting with the box design of this Mario Wii Remote Plus you can see a nice picture of the remote, and of Mario with his name (just in case an EB Games employee doesn’t know who Mario is).  Once I opened the box and removed the remote, I was blown away by how bright and vibrant the red was on the remote.  This remote works just as well as the regular Wii Remote Plus, but has the special colorway and graphics (so there’s no need to review how it works).  The only shortcoming about this special edition is the printed logos (such as the “M”) which I feel will rub off after use.  Other than that this is a jewel from Nintendo that every collector should own.
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