Friday, August 8, 2014

King of the Hill Bobby Hill Toy

King of the Hill is a show I hated when it first aired.  I remember Fox had promoted it as being an animated show just like the Simpsons.  So when I finally saw it, I was disappointed at its lack of Simpson’s style humour.  King of the Hill was more realistic, and centred around boring and nerdy characters such as Hank and Peggy, with their loser son Bobby.  Although I kept watching shows on and off, I never thought it was funny.  Eventually the show went into syndication, and as I got older and the Simpsons went bland I started to ‘get’ and appreciate the humour in the show.
It was a smart comedy show that was sophisticated in its parody of everyday life.  The humour was in seeing how two boring squares like Hank and Peggy were surrounded by crazy friends.  Besides the humour there was also a lot of heart in the show as you got to appreciate the idiosyncrasies of each character and what made them noble.  For example Hank was honest and hardworking, and open to new ideas that challenged his conservative views.  While I did grow to love Hank, my favourite character is Bobby Hill.  Bobby is also an admirable character who became lovable because he had flaws.  Unlike Hank, Bobby was not good at sports or athletic, was more interested in social skills than building skills, yet was comfortable with who he was.
You can imagine how excited I was when I first discovered his toy version.  Like most of my collection, I just walked into the comic book shop and found him under a pile of dusty old toys.  The figure looks incredibly close to the cartoon, and the paint job is flawless.  The packaging is colourful, and allows for excellent display mint on card.  Bobby comes packaged with a build-a-fence piece, and Ladybird (who I don’t care much for).  My only complaint about this figure is the gloomy expression the toy manufacture chose to give Bobby.  Regardless of that, I’ll always think of Bobby as the charming character that he is.

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