Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vlog: Wii U and other Past Video Game Consoles

I officially bought a Nintendo Wii U today.  I say officially because this is my 3rd time buying a Wii U since I never actually kept the previous two for very long.  The first one I bought I sold to a friend because he wanted my Wind Waker HD special edition.  The second one (Skylanders special edition), I gave to my little nephew.  So now that I bought this version, (New Super Mario Bros. U edition) I wanted to make a post.  I was motivated to do this because of the great memories I have of getting a new console, and because my blog allows me to document this day.
The day you get a new console is a wonderful experience.  You drive to the store hoping that they’ll have enough consoles in stock (a problem from previous console releases).  If you’re lucky enough to get one, you then get home and start looking at the packaging (dreaming of how awesome the games on the box must be).  Then comes the part that is a complete mess, when you open up the box and start removing bags, wires, and you try to plug you’re whole system up (forget the instructions, lol).  If you’re lucky, the first game you plug in will be fun (if not, you better hope your store has a good return policy, lol).

Fortunately every time I’ve gotten a new Nintendo console, I’ve had fun right from the beginning.  I was actually surprised that New Super Mario Bros. U turned out to be a good game.  I was concerned that it would be boring and easy, but within a few minutes I discovered a game that was addictive and challenging.  Its surprises like this that solidifies my love for Nintendo, and makes the day I get a new console so memorable and special.

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