Friday, October 31, 2014

How to Keep Sneakers Deadstock

This blog post is about how I like to store my sneakers and keep them deadstock (in brand new condition).  While the procedure may seem extreme to some, I still think this method is worth sharing.

1.  I remove the sneakers and I like to clean and shape the shoe box so that it looks and stays pristine
2.  I remove the shoe paper and place it in a storage tube with other rolled up shoe papers; I also use a pencil to write the name of the sneakers the paper came with.  Shoe paper has been known to dry shoes and even stain them.
3. I then work on the sneakers; I like cleaning them by using a wet cloth or a magic eraser to remove marks, blemishes, and smudges.  If there are loose threads I cut them using nail cutters.
4.  Some sneakers come with a sticker label inside of the sole, so I like to remove it and place it in a sticker album.
5.  Most sneakers come with shoe paper inside of the toe box, so I remove the paper and wrap it around with plastic or a ziploc bag and then replace it inside of the toe box.  It is important to keep it there because it prevents the toe box from sinking in by helping to maintain its shape.
6.  If a second pair of laces is included I like to place them inside of a baggy, and then put them inside of the shoes so they won’t get lost
7.  Once the shoes are wiped I then fix the laces so that the shoes look factory laced (never been touched)
8.  I then wrap them around in a clean rag (old t-shirt), and place them inside of the shoe box; making sure that the shoes never touch the box.  The box can damage certain delicate materials such as suede or nubuck (rubbing and wearing it down)
9.  I like to place the shoe box inside of a bag, leaving the end open so that air can still allow them to breath.  Marking the box with a picture of the shoes or just the name of the shoes will help identify them.
10.  As a final step I place my shoes neatly stashed in a basement closet.  The location you choose to keep your collection must be a cool dry place that doesn’t have any changes in temperature.


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