Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lego City Undercover Wii U Chase McCain Minifigure

Here are two awesome Lego collectables that I’m adding to my collection.  The first is a video game called Lego City Undercover for the Nintendo Wii U.  The game is a combination between Grand Theft Auto, the Die Hard franchise and a Lego game.  I really think combining all three ideas into one game was an awesome idea because I’m a fan of them all.  The cover of the game is a classic Lego video game cover, displaying all the fun things to do in the game.  I also like that the game comes with a colour manual included.
The second Lego collectable that I’m adding to my collection is a minifigure of Chase McCain, the hero from the game.  This minifigure (set 5000281) was given out to anyone that pre-ordered the game.  The figure is simple with only 4 pieces to build, but it’s nicely detailed and a beautiful toy to display.  For those that want more than just to display, Lego also released a separate playset of Lego City Undercover featuring Chase McCain.  Besides that playset, I have to say this is a really nice collectable freebie that I hope Lego continues to do with future pre-ordered games.

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