Wednesday, March 11, 2015

World of Nintendo Donkey Kong Country 2.5 Inch Action Figure

The World of Nintendo toy line from Jakks Pacific has been releasing amazing toy figures at an affordable price for a while now.  My latest figure from them is of Donkey Kong, who is modelled after the Tropical Freeze game.  The figure retails around $5 CAN, and stands at 2.5 inches tall.  Jakks Pacific did release a bigger version of Donkey Kong earlier, but I like this smaller version instead.
This smaller version is perfect for displaying on a desk, since he doesn’t take up much space.  Unfortunately his tiny size also comes at a cost of limited articulation with only the arms, legs and neck being able to move.  While the decreased options in posing him may suck, what makes up for it is the quality of the figure.  The paint job is flawless (as far as $5 toys go), and the sculpt is accurate to the video game version of DK.  Jakks Pacific did a wonderful job on this figure, and he will be a nice addition to my World of Nintendo collection.

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