Friday, March 27, 2015

Zelda Wii U Delay

So today we heard the news that Zelda Wii U will be delayed, or rather not rushed for a 2015 release.  While the news is unfortunate for anyone that has been patiently waiting for this game, I have to admit I’m actually happy to hear of its delay.  I say this because Eiji Aonuma admitted in his video update that in the process of working on this game he found new possibilities that will exceed expectations.  This gets me excited because I want to be blown away when I finally do play this game, just like I have been with previous games.

Another reason I was hoping for a delay was because I stopped gaming for many years and missed out on many Zelda games.  I didn’t get back into gaming until I played Phantom Hourglass on the DS.  That game instantly reinvigorated my love for Nintendo, gaming and Zelda games.  So this delay will be a great way to catch up on past releases.

When I play a Zelda game I really get into them deeply and I let them consume my time.  I like to explore the world, perfect my skills on the mini-games, and of course defeat the villain when I am ready (strong enough).  All of this takes time and dedication, and I want to make sure by the time Zelda Wii U is released I have not only completed all previous Zelda games, but gave them the time and energy to that they deserve.

The commitment I put into Zelda games is satisfying because I have fun from beginning till end. So, if a delay is necessary for Aonuma-sama to make the best possible Zelda Wii U game then I am all for it because I know this game will be historic.

And oh yeah, this delay will also allow Star Fox Wii U to have the attention it deserves.

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