Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lego Batman Alarm Clock

I started seeing Lego alarm clocks a few years ago, and thought that they were really cool.  The first series I saw were of Star Wars.  I wanted to buy the Darth Vader version, but since it didn’t come with a cape or lightsaber I decided to pass on buying one for myself.  I did however buy a Stormtrooper as a gift for a friend, and they really loved it.
The company that makes these alarm clocks (ClicTime Holdings) kept producing other Lego minifigure clocks and released a Batman version.  Thankfully the Batman version comes with a cape, so I bought one for myself.  The alarm clock is similar in movement to a Lego minifigure, except that the joints aren’t removable.  The time on the clock is accurate, and comes with other features such as an alarm clock, and an amber back light.  This is a beautiful and unique alarm clock and I hope more minifigures from Lego are released in the future.
Lego Batman Wiki:
ClicTime Holdings Ltd:


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