Sunday, August 9, 2015

Russell Martin Blue Jays Bobblehead

When Russell Martin first signed with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2014, I was upset.  I was upset because as a former New York Yankee, he had accused the Jays of stealing signs, and we were now making him a Blue Jay.  Like most fans, once I started to see the benefits of adding Martin to our team all that disappointment dwindled and I started to cheer for him.  I also came to realize that stealing signs was just a part of baseball that everyone did anyways (former Blue Jay catcher, Gregg Zaun admitted doing it).
Russell Martin’s Blue Jays bobblehead was given out on August 3rd, 2015.  He was the third release for 2015, and 20,000 were given away.  While it is a nice bobblehead, I am unhappy with the lack of details included.  For example Martin wears a Rawlings chest protector with gold highlights, yet his bobblehead lacks this feature.  The bobblehead is still nice, but as a collector it does leave me wanting more details and contrasting poses.  A badass pose that would have kicked ass would have been one where Martin is throwing the ball to catch a runner stealing.
Gregg Zaun admits to stealing signs:
Russell Martin Wiki:


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