Thursday, September 10, 2015

Club Nintendo Calendar 2016

It’s a bitter sweet moment today as I finally received my last Club Nintendo prize.  I was a member for a while, but neglected to enter my points when I bought new games.  The reason I didn’t care so much was because the prizes in Club Nintendo North America weren’t that appealing.  Usually you would have to spend hundreds of dollars on games, just to be able to cash the points in for something silly like a poster or greeting card set.  So when I heard that Club Nintendo was closing, I cashed my points in for a Nintendo calendar.  Unfortunately the deadline to submit points was over, so I wasn’t able to get a t-shirt (even though I would have had more than enough).
I’m not too upset over the calendar because it’s still a nice collectable from Nintendo.  Although it’s a simple item, it’s still nicely made with bright colors and thick paper.  What I particularly like about it the most, are the Japanese inspired themes used in all the illustrations.  While it is a 2016 calendar, I would have preferred a year-round calendar that I could use every year.  I guess for now I better make the most from this calendar in 2016.
Club Nintendo:


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