Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Marcus Stroman Bobblehead

On June 7th, 2015 the Toronto Blue Jays gave away the first Marcus Stroman SGA bobblehead.  Unfortunately during spring training, Marcus sustained a leg injury (ACL) which caused him to miss most of the season.  This injury prevented him from being an active player for the release of his bobblehead.  Fortunately the determination and heart of Stroman pushed him to work his way back to the rotation and become a starter in September, HDMH.
This bobblehead is pretty much one of my favourites not only because Stroman is an inspiring figure, but because Stroman is displayed blowing a bubble.  This feature is truly unique, and the pink contrast matches well with the white and blue Jays uniform.  As bobbleheads are now collectable items and a multitude are released every year, I really appreciated it when unique features such as this are added to them and I hope to see more of this from the Jays in the future.
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