Monday, August 22, 2016

Funko Pop! Batman Vinyl Figure

Well here’s a collectable that I never thought I would buy; Funko Pop! bobbleheads.  I first noticed them many years ago, but whenever I would pass by them in a store they just didn’t interest me.  I had already bought vinyl toys before such as Mighty Muggs, and figured Pop figures would eventually be discontinued like the others.  But as the years went by I noticed that they kept releasing more and more bobbleheads, and people kept collecting them.
I then decided to buy a Pop figure to see what the whole craze was about.  I decided to go with a Batman Pop from the DC Comic super heroes line.  All Pop figures come nicely packaged in a cute little box that contains a plastic window to see the figure inside.  Once you open the box that isn’t sealed all you get inside is the figure.  While I assumed Pop figures were all bobbleheads considering that they look like bobbleheads, I was disappointed to find out that the majority of Pop figures aren’t true bobbleheads, and that only a few actually do bobble.
The actual design of Pop figures is really basic with all of them containing dwarf bodies, large heads, and large round eyes.  Other than a few basic features, the paint is what usually distinguishes one Pop figure from another.  And paint is another feature that I was also disappointed by because I had to look through 6 different Batman figures in the store before I found one that I was happy with.  Lamentably this will probably be my first and only Pop figure because I just don’t understand the fad.
Funko Pop!:

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