Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Nintendo MediCom Toy Ultra Detail Figures

A few years ago there was this huge vinyl toy crazy that everyone was into.  With brands such as Medicom Toy and Kidrobot releasing limited edition artist designed toys.  Unfortunately just like beanie babies, trading card games and pogs; it was a craze I just didn’t understand.  I especially didn’t understand the price tag of vinyl toys, considering the fact that some sold for hundreds of dollars.  While I did buy some figures throughout the years, it was still something I had no interest in.
Earlier this year I found out that Medicom Toy would be releasing a line of retro Nintendo figures.  I wasn’t excited about them, but when I happened to see them in a local store one day I decided to get them.  I bought a Super Mario, and a Link figure.  Both figures are inspired by the Famicom version of those games.
Both figures are vinyl, are made in China, and are beautifully packaged in plastic clam shell that displays retro cards on the back.  Both figures also include a black base that pegs the figures in place.  I was disappointed by the paint job considering the price of these figures, and Medicom Toy describing them as “ultra detailed figures”.  Despite that I still love the figures and I’m happy to finally add vinyl figures to my collection that I actually understand.
Medicom Toy:

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