Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Star Wars Rise of the Jedi

Last week I got a little bored and started thinking of Star Wars.  I thought of how great Rogue One was, and how it paid so much fan service.  The movie fit so nicely into the Star Wars universe by adding to the story, expanding the story and most importantly binding loose ends together.  The fan service was so high that I was able to predict the ending of the movie; Spoiler Alert, everyone dying and their efforts resulting in the beginning of A New Hope.  I had hoped (no pun intended) that it would end with Princess Leia (R.I.P.) because that’s how episode IV started, and when it did I felt rewarded.

Well moving on to last week and thinking of Rogue One, I thought how nice a movie that went even further back in the Star Wars universe would be.  Of course it would also tie in with the past movies and also expand and define the current Star Wars universe.  My story abbreviated would be of a very young Yoda and Darth Plagueis The Wise.  It would be the classic story of good vs. evil, where it would show how Yoda (the good) became a Jedi and Darth Plagueis (the evil) became corrupt with power.  Eventually Darth Plagueis own thirst for power became his own agony as he was defeated by his own apprentice.  Though it was believed he had died, his spirit remained, tortured by his betrayal; he would stay in purgatory until one day he would rise again as Snoke.

As I started to develop my story I was able to connect parts from other films to my story.  But then I thought to myself that this was probably one of the nerdiest things I have done in a long time; develop my own Star Wars movie.  So I decided to forget the story.  Then suddenly yesterday I was surprised by the announcement that the next Star Wars film would be called The Last Jedi.  I thought it was funny because I would have called my movie the First Jedi; in honor of Yoda.  But now that the official title of episode VIII has been released, I would like to call my movie, Star Wars Rise of the Jedi.  In the future I hope to one day write the story of my movie and post it on here, but for now the build up to The Last Jedi will keep me fantasizing.

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