Friday, January 27, 2017

The Legend of Zelda 20 inch Link Figure

A while back I was able to find an action figure of Link from the Legend of Zelda.  That find was incredible because growing up Nintendo never made any toys.  The only one I remember was the version shown in the Ocarina of Time N64 insert.  Flash-forward 20 years and Nintendo is finally franchising their video game characters.  Besides action figures, Nintendo is also allowing a plethora of toys and merchandise to be released.
One of these unique items is this 20 inch giant figure of Link made by Jakks Pacific.  This version of Link is based off of the Skyward Sword version, just like the previous 4 inch figure.  Besides the size, the only difference between the two is that the giant version has less articulation.  This is my only criticism of the figure because less articulation makes it difficult to pose Link.  But other than that the figure is highly detailed and well made.  The paint is nicely applied with very little run off, and Link’s outfit even has textured chainmail.
Included as accessories are a shield, sword and a sheath (a holster); all of which are highly detailed.  Jakks Pacific did a great job on packaging as well because Link can be displayed without having to remove him from his open display box.  Its great releases such as this one that makes me happy that Jakks Pacific has the World of Nintendo toy line because you can tell they want to please their fans; by going beyond the minimum and including all these details at a great price.  As long as they keep up the great job, I’ll keep collecting (if only they weren’t that difficult to hunt for).
Jakks Pacific:

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