Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tech Deck Mini Skateboard

Tech Deck is a toy maker that has made finger skateboards for many years now. The first time I saw them was around 10 years ago, and at that point I bought a couple. At that time they cost over $10 and were sold at EB Games. What appealed to me the most about this toy was how you were able to customize your board. You could change the wheels, the bushings, loosen the screws and wheels, and you could add stickers as well.
Recently I walked into Wal-Mart and saw them again, and I had to buy another one. However the price was better now at around $3.50 plus tax. The funny thing is other than just for appearance and collection-wise, I really have no use for the skateboard. On-line I’ve seen people do tricks with them but I honestly do not have the patience to learn even one, though a finger ollie would be pretty cool to learn. The version I bought is from Finesse skateboards. I like this version the most because it comes in a red colorway with a white graffiti tag. Included with the skateboard are a sheet of stickers, 4 extra wheels, and one screwdriver.
Tech Deck:

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