Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Air Jordan Cool Grey III

This will be my first post on sneakers so I thought it appropriate to write about one of my favorite sneakers of all time, the Air Jordan III. There are so many things I love about this particular sneaker that keeps me coming back for more as they are released. The most popular feature has to be the elephant print that is used on the sneaker. Although it does stand out dramatically, the way it is used; it simply adds to the elegance of the sneaker making it look like a high-end designer shoe.
I also love the Air bubble that is used and that is visible on the bottom mid-heel. It provides a comfort that even after 2 decades is still better than most contemporary sneakers released today. The particular Jordan that I am featuring today is nicknamed the Cool Grey III’s because of the color of the nubuck material that is used on the sneaker.  The Cool Grey III’s are a retro meaning that they are a re-issue from the first release of Air Jordan III’s from 1988, although the Cool Grey’s weren’t part of the original colorway that was used in the original releases. 
The sneakers are also part of what Jordan Brand was promoting at the time, LS or Life Style sneakers meaning they would be released with clothing to match.  As far as this being a new colorway release in an Air Jordan III, what I liked about this retro was the cool grey colorway, the thickness of the laces, and the smooth feel of the nubuck. What I didn’t like from this retro was that the Nike Air logo wasn’t included on the back heel, and that the inner sock liner is in white making it really difficult to keep clean as you wear it a couple times. The Cool Grey III’s were released on February 24th, 2007, retailed at $135 US, they came in a black and grey Jump Man box, the sneakers were wrapped in shoe paper with a recycled paper shoe horn in each sneaker, and a retro card was included in every pair.
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