Sunday, July 18, 2010

TF CON and 80’s Toy Expo 2010

On Sunday, July 18th, 2010 Toronto held its annual TF CON (Transformers Convention) and 80’s Toy Expo (although TF CON started on the 17th).  The event was held at the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel on the west side of Toronto.  I have wanted to go to the toy Expo for years now, but something always got in the way.  Luckily this year I was free to go, and since I live on the other end of town I decided to just take the subway to the event.  Of course not everything went perfect because half way through my trip on the subway, the TTC shut down and I had to take a shuttle bus for a few more stations before getting on a train again.  Sitting in a cramped bus was not fun, and I was seriously reconsidering heading back.  However, just thinking of how I would miss the Expo for another year gave me the tenacity to keep on going on my journey.
Fortunately I made it to the hotel, even though it was a few hours later than the time I had expected to arrive at the Expo.  Early bird admission into the Expo was $20 at 9 am, while regular admission after 10 am was $10.  As soon as you walk into the hotel, you can easily find the entrance to the Expo and are greeted by the volunteer staff at the show.  Since I arrived later I only had to pay $10 admission for which I received a wristband, a Transformers comic (old), and the Expo schedule.  I then walked inside and was amazed by how many people were at the show, and how many toys there were.
I paced back and force walking towards every table and looking at the toys.  The prices were pretty much regular or the going rate, however you didn’t have to pay tax and were able to bargain with the toy dealers.  Some of my favorite toys at the Expo where vintage Superheroes like Superman in a mint condition box, and an Arnold Schwarzenegger Commando toy.  While the toys were great, what stood out for me the most was how friendly everyone was, and that’s what made it such an enjoyable experience.  This Expo was a total success for me, and I can’t wait to make the journey next year.  Thanks TF CON & 80’s Toy Expo!
80’s Toy Expo:

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