Monday, November 1, 2010

Air Jordan 2009

The first time I saw pictures of the Air Jordan 2009 I thought it was a joke.  From years past I knew that Jordan brand liked to release sample pictures to wet everyone’s appetite.  But if the 2009’s were a meal I would surely be on a hunger strike.  This has been the same story every year now.  Besides a few exceptions here and there, Jordan brand just isn’t releasing hot shoes anymore.  While I do love retro’s, I have always loved the newest Air Jordan’s because they were so creative, innovative, and used the best quality and materials.
These sneakers looked like nothing I had come to expect as a child from the brand, so when they released I passed on them (retail in Canada was over $229).  It didn’t take very long before the 2009’s made it to the outlets, when I finally decided to try them on.  My concerns were that the leather on the front toe of the sneaker would crease a lot, and that the raised heel support would feel awkward.  However when I did try them on, I was amazed that these concerns didn’t cause a problem.  In fact I was impressed by the quality of the sneaker, it was built with a lot of different kinds of materials such as leather, satin, and metallic mesh.  Living in Canada this has always been a priority for me; buying sneakers that had a lot of materials so my foot would stay warm.  For this reason and because they were on clearance I decided to buy the sneakers.
When it comes to the design of sneakers, now that I am older I prefer something more subtle and sleek.  I don’t want it to have straps, use bright colors, or have useless gimmicks.  Besides the jewel hologram, and placement of the white pieces, the 2009’s are what I like in a shoe.  I like to refer to it as being ‘here to work, not to play’.  And boy do these sneakers provide you with enough attributes to make them a shoe that will work hard.
The comfort is amazing thanks to the air sole and midsole, the laces are wide so they don’t come loose, the satin material conforms to the shape of the foot to provide a lockdown effect and yet is breathable, and the outsole provides amazing traction.  If you can find them for sale on clearance, these are the best sneakers you can wear as beaters.  I recommend the Air Jordan 2009’s to anyone that is looking for a great fall/winter sneaker, and that can overlook its design and instead love it for its quality and comfort.
The Air Jordan 2009:

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