Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tim Hortons Christmas Ornaments 2010

If there’s one place I can’t live without it is Tim Hortons. For anyone that doesn’t know, Tim Hortons is a coffee shop franchise that is very popular in Canada. In fact everyone always laughs that you can find one on every block, seriously. I wouldn’t say they make the best coffee or the best donuts in the world, but it’s how they provide it that makes them the best. For instance their coffee is always fresh, and their donuts are also baked daily (from frozen, lol). They also provide a sort of home comfort feeling whenever you go there, all nice and warm.
This year, same as the previous year, they are releasing some collectable Christmas ornaments so people can take some of that Tim Hortons comfort home for the holidays. Last year they released a take-out cup ornament, which again is being released this year. It is made out of ceramic, painted in the same colours as a real cup, and comes with red string so you can hang it up on the tree. What’s new for this year is a coffee pot, which is made out of plastic and glass. Prices vary from region to region, but I was able to buy my set for $4.49 each. The quality for them is amazing, and I hope Timmies will be able to give us a new batch every year. I'm thinking a tim-bits box, donuts, bagels, etc…
Tim Hortons:

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