Wednesday, November 10, 2010

South Park: Butters

There are great TV shows, and then there are great TV characters.  These characters become so popular they become part of pop culture.  Pretty soon everyone is saying their catch phrases, wearing their t-shirts, and buying their toys.  What makes these characters so popular is how lovable they are.  For me, one of the most lovable TV characters has to be Butters from South Park.  Although he didn’t start off as a main character on the show, his personality was so bright that he soon started to get more attention.  Butters is just fun to watch because of his innocence and all the trouble he gets into with Eric Cartman.  Butters is more than just a one dimensional character, I also love his dark side with his alter ego Professor Chaos.
So when I first heard that Mezco was going to create a toy line based on South Park, I knew I just had to get Butters.  It took a while for me to finally get him, but he was worth the wait.  Mezco did an amazing job on this toy series.  To start with, I just love the packaging.  It comes in a clamshell plastic with the character and a South Park background, (the snow and mountains).  In keeping with what is in style with toys today, Mezco also decided to make the toys vinyl.  I really like this because it makes them look so much like themselves, which is amazing considering the TV show characters are all flat.
The paint job is also nice, although Butters does have a few minor issues with his green jacket (having a yellow stripe).  Accessories that are included are an extra pair of alternate arms, a hockey mask (which attaches to his head with elastics), and a “best friends” drawing (Butters with AWESOM-O).  Butters can also move his eyebrows and arms.  All in all these are great figures from Mezco, and I am very happy with the two versions I have.  Please be aware that two versions of Butters were released, one original and one variant (one is showing his teeth and the other is not).

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