Friday, January 21, 2011

Lego Minifigures

I never had a chance to own or even play with Lego’s as a kid.  I know the daycare I used to go to had the blocks, but they just didn’t interest me.  All my attention was focused on action figures.  Can you really blame me when the action figures that were popular around that time were Ninja Turtles and Thunder Cats?  Later on in life I discovered that Lego also made Lego minifigures, and then eventually even a licensed line (such as Star Wars and Batman).  Yet despite all these great releases I still wasn’t buying any Lego.

All that changed for me in 2010 when Lego decided to release a line of Minifigures that would come with distinctive characters, and that would be in a blind bag (meaning you couldn’t tell which character you had by just looking at the bag).  Of course there are ways around this mystery bag by either feeling around for distinctive accessory parts or using a barcode decoder to find the figure you want (link to the decoder is provided below).  What I like about this toy series is how unique each character is to one another.  

Most of the figures are of yellow flesh tone, come with a few accessories and cost around $3 here in Canada.  With at least 3 series already released and many more on the way there is bound to be figures that speak to each person that will make them want to collect them.  I’m more of a pop culture collector so I usually go for fun and modern figures such as the Spartan Warrior, the Mime, the Rapper, etc... and the list can go on and on.  Although minor complaints can be made about the figures (such as minimal paint on the back), these toys are still a great collectable and will standout when displayed.  Here’s hoping Lego will keep up the good work!
Lego Minifigures website:
Lego Barcode decoder:         

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