Friday, January 28, 2011

Vintage Jerseys

Whatever happened to Starter and Champion? It’s like once New Era, Mitchell & Ness and Nike came into the fitted/jersey business they forgot to step their game up. Granted their quality was trash with jersey's barely lasting a year on the playground. That dreaded peeling off numbers and logos was always a reason to avoid them. Still I love going to the local "bohemian used clothing" market in the city and finding jerseys from the early 90's.  My first jersey was a Penny Hardaway black away jersey from Starter.  I absolutely loved it because Penny was my favorite player, since MJ was still playing baseball. 

I had gotten the jersey with a pair of Orland Magic shorts, which really looked nice (and not cheesy).  I can’t remember what eventually happened to my jersey, other than I grew out of it and must have thrown it away.  Today I don’t own many jerseys but I can still appreciate them, especially one’s from the NBA of the late 80’s to 90’s.  A website that I like to visit that is filled with an appreciation of all those vintage jerseys is  Besides the jerseys worn by people on the street, I like how they show random player jerseys as well.  It’s nice to see something besides the superstar players all the time.


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