Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brazil Jersey

I was born in Central America and grew up in Canada.  Unfortunately both my birth country (El Salvador) and home country (Canada) suck in soccer.  As a result in my home we were forced to choose an alternative team to cheer for; either Brazil or Argentina.  I love both teams but I have always been impressed by the Brazilian team.  Their history is amazing with such greats as Pelé and Ronaldo; their style of play is breathtaking with samba-like moves, their wins are impressive with having won 5 world cups, and their future seems bright with up and coming players such as Neymar and Pato. 

While the team is currently not performing at its greatest, it is still a fairly young team that can be built into something amazing by the upcoming World Cup in Brazil.  Till then I picked up this amazing Brazil jersey to wear.  It is not the actual on-the-pitch version, but a cotton Dri-fit version from Nike.  I love this material because it doesn’t stick to my skin when I start to sweat.  It is solid yellow with a green stripe along the shoulders.  It is also an upgrade from my previous t-shirt jersey that I got in 1998.  I don’t have many jerseys in my collection, but I hope to start featuring the ones I do have on this blog.

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