Saturday, July 23, 2011


When it comes to Transformers toys I love collecting figures that look amazing in vehicle mode.  I usually get regular cars that you see every day on the street.  I like to either display them on my desk or on a shelf.  One Transformers toy that took me by surprise recently has been Roadbuster.  First of all he’s a NASCAR race car, and for that reason alone really stands out.  His paint job is dashing in green and white with hits of grey.  Definitely not your typical every day car from the street.
I had been waiting for him for a while and knew that he would release around the time when DOTM also released.  The benefit of buying a toy when it first releases (as opposed to buying from e-bay later) is that you get to choose the best looking figure.  This is important to me because I’m an extreme nitpicker for flawlessness in a purchase.  I like to buy on sale and make sure I have a variety to choose from so that the item I purchase is perfect.  Unfortunately finding a flawless Roadbuster became a difficult task because the amount of paint details on him increased the number of chances of finding flaws.  The most common flaw being the white paint on the side panels, which can have run-overs on the green.  This problem doesn’t bother me too much because you can fix it by scratching some of the excess off.
And speaking of fixing all the imperfections, I would also say this figure is great for customizing.  I thought of this while I had him in robot mode.  Most of his limbs are grey, which allows for paint to accentuate these areas.  I can image I will use silver, black, and white paint.  The white paint will also come in handy because the original paint does scratch easy after a couple of transformations.  While transforming him is fun and easy, I found that it took me a little while before I got the hang of things.  Overall this is a great figure to have in my collection and I hope this NASCAR/Transformers relationship continues so one day we may see other race cars Transformers (Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and Carlos Montoya).


  1. i like roadbuster too but i think the colours in this toy is abit faded and dull but definitely a collectors choice.

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    1. I'm not really a transformers collector, but I do like to buy the one's that are appealing to me


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