Thursday, July 21, 2011


What’s that?  Did I really just make a blog post about Crocs? Why yes I did, but let me explain why.  I did it because I love shoes, and since my blog is about things I love (living and learning as well) I thought it appropriate to include them as well.  Besides I have been wearing them for years and have them in multiple colors.  The first time I saw them was on Mario Batali, who would wear a bright orange pair on his cooking show.  As the hype around these eye-catching shoes started to grow it took a while before stores in Toronto got them.
When they finally arrived they were pretty expensive at around $40 a pair.  Nevertheless I did buy a pair, and six years later I am still wearing them.  Let’s face it the shoes are ugly, but because they’re so comfortable I can’t help but love them.  That comfort is due to their patented Croslite foam material that forms to a person foot.  They’re also easy to wear, which is why I love to BBQ in them; makes coming in and out of my house easy.  So I guess for me comfort beats fashion.

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