Monday, October 31, 2011

Air Jordan Chambray VII

The Air Jordan Chambray VII’s were released in February 2006, and came with a black and white retro card.  I really miss the days when Jordan Brand would include retro cards.  I assume they stopped putting them in because retro sneakers weren’t as limited as before.  Now you get a retro Jordan every month, so there’s no need to add an additional item with a release.  Not many people cared for the card when it stopped being included, but I did.  I just felt a special attachment to the artwork and photos when I would look at them.  It’s like it would remind me of the ‘good-old days’ when Air Jordan’s were the best sneakers.
Today, I have a different opinion of the Brand and the sneakers.  Not that I think they’re producing garbage, but is just not the same quality.  I do however still treasure the sneakers that I have in my collection.  The pair I’m reviewing for this post are the Air Jordan Chambray VII.  I bought them back in 2006 after many months of waiting for them.  I would look at websites that would show pictures of the shoes before the release and I would save up to get them.  It kind sucked that I was broke at the time because I also wanted the Flint VII’s, but could only afford one pair, so I went with the Chambray`s which I don`t regret.
The shoes are made with black nubuck and feature chambray (a powder blue), white and grey accents throughout the shoe.  The item number for these sneakers is 304775 042.  According to Tinker Hatfield he got design inspirations for the shoe from African tribe artwork.  The triangles are a real nice touch, and I really love the circles on the soles which act as traction for the shoe.  The laces are thin but come with lace tips that are painted chrome which shine when light hits them.  Though this is a retro, the overall silhouette of the sneaker is still faithful to the original VII’s.  This is an excellent release and I highly recommend them if you plan on getting them.

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