Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nike Air Karst Z

With autumn in full swing I decided to dust off a pair of Nike boots I hardly wear.  The boots are my Air Karst Z that I bought back in 2005.  I bought them on clearance which I can only assume is because they didn’t sell very well.  I guess Nike tried to compete with Timberland boots and lost.  Plus I also assume it was because the ‘boots in the summer look’ was going out of fashion, just like wearing jerseys.  I’m still glad I held on to them because they’re now a rarity, which is something I like.
They are made from water proof leather and rubber is used on the soles.  They also feature soft brown leather on the inside.  I have only worn my pair a few times in the past and they have felt really comfortable.  I think that is the advantage of Nike in creating boots, to be able to use Air technology in their products.  Another thing I like about the boots is the leather, whenever I get them dirty it’s pretty easy to get them clean by rubbing off the dirt (I also spray them with protector).
I have only two complaints about the boots.  The first is that I don’t like the way Nike stitches their boots.  The shape makes them seem really odd, especially compared to a pair Timberlands.  The second complaint is that because the shape is so awkward the boot seems to press against my feet, and this pressure causes my feet to hurt.  After a long day this tends to lead to pain.  The most painful areas are on top and around the toe box area.
One of the top reasons why I started wearing and collecting sneakers was because I used to wear dress shoes all the time and at the end of the day my feet would hurt.  A buddy of mine told me to buy a pair of Adidas sneakers he was wearing because they felt comfortable.  I went to go buy them after work and as soon as I started wearing them I loved them.  I told myself I would never again wear shoes that hurt my feet.  With respects to the Air Karst Z, although they are affordable and look really nice, I would advise anyone to pass on them and to spend their money on a better product.

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