Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Collector

In the world of collecting, I have noticed that there are two kinds of people; those that collect and use the things they collect, and those that collect and never touch the things they collect. I would describe myself as being more of the collector that never touches the things I collect, though I do have some exceptions. An icon of mine that I admire for this very trait of never opening up the things he collects is The Collector, aka Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.  The Collector first made his debut in Treehouse of Horror X. In the episode Comic Book Guy becomes a villain who takes his hobby to extremes by collecting real life individuals. Unfortunately the Collector does lose to Bart and Lisa, and even mistakenly opens up an extremely rare and expensive collectable, noooo.
That episode was hilarious, and I loved the super hero villain treatment Comic Book Guy received. He also gave a voice to us collectors that love things to be mint in box.  I’ve always wanted to buy the version of the Collector that Playmates toys made, but it was out of my budget for what I was willing to pay a reseller. Then early last month (September) I heard that Burger King would be coming out with the Simpsons kid’s meal toy, and that it would include a version of the Collector. This got me real excited, because I would finally be able to add him to my collection.
The toy is nicely painted, and bright colours were used to make him stand out. On the back of the figure there is a switch and button that activates a red light, so that you are able to read a secret code or image on a brick wall. Unfortunately my toy’s light didn’t work, but it wasn’t so bad because eventually these added features stop working anyway. Regardless of that, I am glad to now add the Collector to my collection of the Simpsons Burger King toys (right beside Comic Book Guy).
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  1. I love kiddie meals in fact, I have a few collections from a leading fast food chain and I have kept them all these years. Now, that I have kids on my own, I let them play with my collection.

  2. I think I enjoy kid's meal toys now more as an adult than when I was a child. They seem made to be displayed on a desk.


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