Monday, January 23, 2012

Breaking Bad

While not quite a winter to be hibernating in bed, this year I chose to watch Breaking Bad as my winter show.  As mentioned last year, during the winter I like to watch an entire TV series online.  Since it’s too cold outside and I hate to drive in the snow at night, watching TV is the perfect excuse to stay in bed (all warm like a cinnamon bun).  I have to admit it, since starting this winter tradition a few years ago with The Wire, I have never thought anything could beat that show.  While OZ was good and Dexter as well, I just kept thinking the acting and storylines with brilliant plots was amazing in The Wire.  So I can now say I came into Breaking Bad with preconceived notions that it wouldn’t be as good. 

I am now on season 4 of the show, and I have to admit this show is just as good as The Wire.  Season 1 starts off a bit slow, and maybe a bit predictable.  For instance you know it’s a drug show, so you’re just waiting for certain events to happen; cooking drugs, trying to sell them, and trying to avoid problems.  By the time season 2 comes, you are more familiar with the characters and the show starts to find its own voice in originality.  From then on the show becomes brilliant for me.  In season 3 and 4, you start to make sense of the bits and pieces of storyline from the show; for example you get flashbacks and flash-forwards, and you get to see how a far distant character can then become a part of the main story.  What I appreciate the most from this show is how problems are resolved in innovated ways.  For fans of violence, the show also features many scenes that I found to be quite graphic.  Despite airing on AMC, I have to say AMC has sure done a great job in producing some of the best shows on television.


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