Tuesday, January 24, 2012

McDonald's Oreo Pie

McDonald’s latest gift to my bulging belly is their new Oreo Cookies N’ Cream Pie.  It was first introduced here in Canada on January 2012.  I actually held back a few weeks to get it because it didn’t interest me at all.  I just assumed it would be filled with the same sugary filling you get in the cookies, and that I assumed would taste nasty.  I finally caved in this week and bought 2 (2 for $1.39).  Unfortunately it doesn’t come in a special box like their other pies, instead you get a box from another pie.  A special edition box would have been cool, because the packaging alone (blue and white) would have made it distinctive.  As soon as I opened up the box and took the pie out I got excited.  The crust is more like a pie crust than a cookie, because it is soft and chewy.  It also kinda reminded me of a glazed chocolate donut.  I then had a bite, and man was it delicious.  The filling is more like marshmallow; thick, sweet, and oozing all over.  Lamentably it is only here for a limited time, so if you’re interested I highly recommend you go out and get two.

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