Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pollo Campero

Let me start off by saying KFC in Toronto sucks.  Their chicken is undercooked, full of oil (even as you bite into it), and it gives you stomach problems after you eat it (fire in your bum).  I don’t know why this is, I mean I have been to the US and their chicken tastes amazing.  The only alternative I have to fried chicken when a craving hits is Popeyes.  Thank goodness a new location opened about a year ago near where I live.  Their chicken is great, though I get mine without hot sauce.  As I have grown up, my taste buds have matured as well, and I no longer have the same cravings for fast food that I used to have as a teenager.  Those were the good-old-days when I was able to scarf down a hamburger combo (burger, fries with gravy, and pop can), with a large sub, chips, and an ice cream Oreo cookie for desert.  Fast food just doesn’t interest me anymore as much as wanting to eat healthy; salads, club sandwiches, and grilled vegetables.  However the one time of year I do get those old cravings for not so healthy food is when I go on vacation.
This year I went to El Salvador for a little rest and relaxation.  When I go there, I also make it a point to visit a Pollo Campero, a Central American fried chicken restaurant.  To start off with their chicken has a very unique aroma that will get you as soon as you pass by a location.  I’m sure there must be a term for this sensation (Olfactory memory); where as soon as I smell it, it brings me back to my childhood.  The next best thing about the chicken is the taste.  It’s so good I don’t even have to eat it with ketchup.  I think that qualifies as a good marker in my opinion for how good chicken is, when you don’t even need ketchup or a dipping sauce to enjoy it.  Just as good as this chicken is; it becomes a winning combo as soon as I pair it up with a Kolashampan, (champagne cola).  For me Pollo Campero not only hits the spot for a fried chicken craving, but blows it away.
Pollo Campero:

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