Friday, February 3, 2012

Air Jordan VIII Retro Aquas

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the Aqua VIII’s is the Kanye West video for “The Good Life.”  I think it’s because of a mix of many things; the music video has the same colors featured in the sneaker, the Graduation CD released around that same time so I was really digging that song, and also because Kanye wore the Aqua’s to many places.  It’s such a beautiful sneaker and one of Tinker Hatfield’s greatest masterpieces.
The Aqua VIII’s were first retroed back in 2007, and sold for $140 US.  They fit true to size, and came in a black and grey sneaker box with a retro card included.  The shoes were very close to the original except for the color placement of the bottom sole.  The only complaint I’ve heard about these sneakers are that the paint on the midsole can chip easily.  Other than that these sneakers are a great release from Jordan Brand, and have sky-rocketed in re-sale value.
I bought my pair through a friend, after waiting years for Jordan Brand to retro these.  I remember how popular these were, when I was a child; though the Playoffs were much more common.  I just always loved these sneakers because of the carpet like Jumpman logo on the tongue, and the straps that were placed on the sides that would come across the laces (probably a useless feature).  These were the type of sneakers that would make you think you could play better because of them.  Unfortunately I wanted to wait a little longer until I did a blog post on these sneakers, but a friend of mine really wanted to buy them.  I ended up trading them, so I was unable to take better pictures of them.  The good news is that rumour has it Jordan Brand does plan to release these again.
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