Friday, February 10, 2012

Heart-Shaped Tragedy

According to Tim Hortons there’s no better way to say I love you, than with their new heart-shaped donut.  Well there’s no one else I love more than myself, so I decided to give myself this donut.  The donut is filled with raspberry filling, is dipped in chocolate, and is topped with strawberry sprinkles.  After just one bite, I wanted to puke and I threw this Frankenstein donut out.  This thing tastes nasty, the chocolate and raspberry doesn’t mix very well.  It reminded me of those expired chocolates you find in a convenience store that are fruit filled, and taste tangy.  Sorry Tim Hortons but you broke my heart this Valentines.
Timmies did however do a great job on releasing these new limited edition gift cards.  I of course was able to score a Leafs Tim card.  With the successful season (compared to other years) the team is having this year, these might end up being a collector’s piece.

Tim Hortons:

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