Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sonic the Hedgehog

My first video game system was the Atari, followed by the Nintendo NES.  I was happy with the NES because I never assumed anything could be better.  Then one day after a little league soccer game, I went over to a friend’s house and he had a Sega Genesis.  That system blew me away with the graphics, the music, the controller, and most of all the fun I was having playing all the games.  I immediately went home and begged my mother to get me a system.  To my surprise, she said yes but I had to wait until the store opened up the next day.  The store she was referring to was called, “Consumers”.  Believe it or not, it was a Canadian store that had a catalogue and you had to go to the store and write down the number of the item you wanted, and they would bring it out for you.  It was a terrible business because most of the time, the items wouldn’t be in stock.
I still remember that store because I used to look at their catalogue and dream of owning all the toys and video games featured.  It was also the only place I could go to and see all the latest video games that were out.  But getting back to my story, I spent the whole night looking at the catalogue and the Sega Genesis I would get.  The next day I got the Genesis and it was the version that came with Sonic the Hedgehog 2.  That game was so much fun to play, I think I played it the whole weekend nonstop.  Thank goodness it was in the summer time, otherwise I’m sure I would have failed a grade.
Sonic was also such a cool character, with his blue fur, spiky hair, red sneakers, and super speed.  I also loved it when, if you didn’t move him for a while, he would look at you and look at his watch.  The game play to Sonic was very unique because you could choose the way you wanted to go through a level.  Either, very fast, or very slow to collect all the rings, or the most complex which was fast and collecting a majority of rings; but this finally process required memorizing a formula to remember all the short cuts and secrets in order to get a high score.
This past weekend Toys R Us had a sale on most video game related toys, so I decided to pick up a Sonic the Hedgehog toy.  This toy was released in August 2011, and it was made by Jazwares.  It is the 1991 version of ‘Sonic through Time’, and stands at 5 inches tall.  The paint job is not that great on these because I had to go through a few before I decided on the one I picked.  The problem is that most have run-off paint, or not enough; but I am happy with the one I bought.  Besides that, this is such a cool toy.  The sculpt is very accurate to the cartoon, and the joints move without much problem; and they aren’t as fragile as they seem.  My only wish, would have been articulation in the head so that his head could be facing up.  Other than that, this is a toy that I am proud to say has done an excellent job in celebrating the Sonic history.
Jazwares Toys:

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