Friday, August 2, 2013

Adidas Scottie Pippen Jersey

Just like retro sneakers, I have now started collecting jerseys that were popular when I was a kid.  Unlike the Champion brand jerseys that were in style back in the 90’s, these new retro jerseys are from Adidas.  They’re called Soul Swingman jerseys and retail around a hundred dollars.  The quality is pretty good for the price, but I would have preferred a little more stitching, such as double stitched numbers and letters.  They’re still better than Champion jerseys, and will definitely last you longer.
Another complaint I can mention about this jersey is the sizing.  The front is okay, but the back is too long (length +2).  I assume it’s because they’re trying to make them as accurate to the originals that the professionals play in, but honestly I think it’s a mass market product that should look better with a pair of jeans than tucked into shorts.  For sizing I recommend you either try a size on before you buy, or go down a size but keep in mind it will also feel slimmer.  This is important for any guy that has a beer belly.
Overall I welcome these retro jerseys from Adidas with open arms because it gives me a chance to collect jerseys from the players I grew up watching.  This is actually funny because once I start thinking about all the jerseys I want, I start to lose count on how many players I want.  The variety can range from decades (80’s to present), to teams, to home and away, and even jersey designs from year to year (Chicago in cursive, Chicago Bulls).  My only recommendation for Adidas would be to keep the prices affordable, and to please include double stitching on letters and numbers.

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