Friday, August 16, 2013

Nike SB Purple Pigeon Dunks

The Nike SB Purple Pigeons were nicknamed after the colorway resemblance of the NYC Pigeon SB dunks.  The NYC Pigeons released in 2005 and were limited to only 150 pairs worldwide.  A year later the Purple Pigeons released as a general release.  This made them easier to obtain and to afford because they weren’t highly thought after.  This was perfect for me because I actually preferred the Purple Pigeons over the NYC Pigeons.
What I like about this sneaker is the purple and grey colorway.  The mild purple and graphite grey work together perfectly in creating a sneaker that is colorful and pretty.  I like this because it’s the type of sneaker that doesn’t catch someone’s attention when you walk in the room, but rather is most impressive when you look at it up close.  They released in a black/purple box; an era I believe Nike SB came out with the best color combination.  The colorways were colorful, and were still pleasing to the eye.   Another wonderful feature about this sneaker is the material used; mostly suede.  The suede was buttery and smooth to the touch.  This is truly a sneaker worth having in my collection.
Brand: Nike SB
Name: Purple Pigeon Dunks
Year: 2006
Product Code: 304292 051
Additional:  Black/Purple Box, Colors by James Keoni Arizumi
Nike SB:

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