Sunday, August 11, 2013

Brett Lawrie Bobblehead Day

This is the bobblehead I have been waiting for all year; it’s true.  I had been creating hype over this team since last winter when I first heard about the trades we had made.  At that point I even pictured us winning the World Series.  Unfortunately that dream never came true, but I still cheered for the Jays.  My renewed faith in the team actually started a few years ago when Brett Lawrie was added to the team half way through the season.  Lawrie along with Bautista had created a foundation of talent and excitement on which to carry this team in the future.
Thanks to his skills and fan popularity, Lawrie has now been honoured with his own bobblehead.  20,000 bobbleheads were given away by the Blue Jays on Sunday, August 11th, 2013.  It features him sliding into a base.  A unique feature about this bobblehead is that Lawrie is wearing a red jersey.  I think this jersey is appropriate because Lawrie is Canadian, and it’s something to be proud of.  Another thing I like about this bobblehead is that it comes with tattoos, and he’s wearing Nike gloves and cleats.  This is a wonderful bobblehead that was worth waiting for despite a lackluster season.
Blue Jays:

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