Monday, June 2, 2014

Terms and Definitions for Binge-watching

Binge-watching TV Shows
Binge-watch or binge-watching is the process of watching an entire TV series or season within a short period of time.  This entails watching a group of episodes continuously one after the other numerically.  This process allows an individual to comprehend and be engaged with the plot, and characters.  Binge-watching is best suited for TV shows that have a complex storyline that continues throughout a season or entire series.

Because of the scarcity of quality TV shows to binge-watch, an unfortunate outcome of binge-watching is that you must allow current and new TV shows to run several episodes before you can binge-watch them.  This process I coin letting a show simmer.

Letting a TV Show Simmer
Simmer or simmering a TV show is the process of allowing a TV show to run several episodes, seasons, or be completed before you can binge-watch them.

Binge-catch-up on a TV Show
Binge-catch-up is the process of binge-watching several earlier episodes or seasons of a TV show that is currently being aired on television.  The logic for this is to be able to either watch new episodes when they air, or watch the last few or final episode.  The advantage of binge-catch-up is that you get to enjoy the hype and publicity of a popular TV series before it ends and also avoid any spoilers in case you overhear important information on episodes you have not watched.

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