Sunday, June 8, 2014

José Reyes Blue Jays Bobblehead

The José Reyes Blue Jays bobblehead was the second bobblehead of the 2014 season.  20,000 of these bobbleheads were given out at Rogers Centre on Sunday, June 8th, 2014.  Just like the previous bobblehead of Dickey, the Reyes bobblehead comes packaged with a see-through plastic window.  This makes it a great collectible that anyone can display without having to remove it from its box.  This to me also signifies that someone over at BDA inc. (the bobblehead manufacturer) is getting the picture; people collect bobbleheads as art pieces.  The days of bobbleheads with cherub faces are long gone, replaced by pieces with intricate and unique details.
The Reyes bobblehead is a great example of how far we’ve come with bobbleheads.  Each of these bobbleheads is hand-painted, and made of polyresin.  The people over at BDA inc. don’t just create the bobbleheads, they’re also fans of baseball because they choose poses that are significant to each player.  They even go so far as adding details such as tattoos, and the name brands that players wear.  This to me signifies they go beyond expectations when releasing a bobblehead.
Reyes comes in a home white Blue Jays uniform.  He plays shortstop so he’s sculpted in a pose about to throw a ball.  Details that I like about his bobblehead are his tattoos (a koi fish, and a nautical star), the inclusion of his batting gloves in his back pocket, and his eyebrow slits.  The only flaw I’ve noticed in the bobblehead is the absence of the accent in the spelling of José.  Other than that this is a great bobblehead that I’m sure @lamelaza_7 should be proud of.
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